Blueprint High School is a free public charter high school.

Feel free to download the enrollment packet at any time.

Blueprint High School is OPEN ENROLLMENT all year long and you can earn
up to TWICE AS MANY CREDITS in one year as a traditional high school!

Steps to Enroll at Blueprint High School:

~ Complete all Blueprint enrollment paperwork

~ Bring copies of:

  • Original State Issued Birth Certificate
  • Immunization records (complete with dates of vaccinations from Doctor)
  • Transcripts from previous school (entering 10th grade on up)
  • 8th Grade Promotion Certificate (if you are currently an 8th grader(
  • Copy of your last report card (if you are currently an 8th grader)
  • Withdrawal Form (from your previous high school)
  • Schedule an orientation appointment at the Blueprint High School office by calling 480.892.0235 (It is a requirement for the student and at least one parent or legal guardian to attend an orientation before enrollment in school can be finalized.)

We look forward to having you at Blueprint High School.

Please call 480.892.0235 or Email BHS today.

Why should you choose Blueprint High School?

  • OPEN enrollment all year
  • SMALL class size
  • FLEXIBLE hours (1/2 day schedule)
  • 1:1 individualized instruction
  • Curriculum meets AZ STANDARDS
  • CERTIFIED teaching staff
  • AIMS tutoring

What are students saying about Blueprint High School?

“I can earn twice as many credits in just one year!”
“I can work at my own pace”
“The curriculum is online”
“I have my own graduation plan”
“It’s a flexible 4 hour school day”
“The class sizes are small”
“They have tutoring for AIMS”
“They also provide direct instruction”
“They have career prep and exploration curriculum”
“The curriculum is based on education standards”

Other directions

There are two directions: Medicine and Economics. For our students who plan to secure their place in medical school, we recommend trying MMI Online Course. You can try online courses or 1-1 tutoring. For economics school – Online Economics Tutors on Chegg.