Location: Blueprint High School

Professional Life:
As an educator for over two decades, my goal has always been focused on making the difference in the lives of students, their families and the people with whom I work. As a teacher and as a principal, improving education to meet and accomplish academic, social, and emotional objectives has been my driving passion.

My journey as an educator began in New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice Commission, working with students and their Probation Officers in a community based program. Success there, especially in developing a framework for an alternative education curriculum led to many opportunities working in a variety of settings including residential and addiction treatment facilities. When New Jersey’s largest school district, Newark, was looking for a person to assist with the development of a transition program for incarcerated youth returning to the district and with a familiarity employing alternative education, I accepted. This was an opportunity to expand my professional development while continuing to serve a population with which I had developed a rapport. Newark then requested I take on, and I accepted, the position of coordinator of an off hours program for at-risk youth, the “Twilight Program.” Again, I saw a professional development opportunity and a chance to perhaps change the direction before students became involved in the Juvenile Justice system. At this time I had just completed my Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Urban Education and had an opportunity to become the principal in a Day Treatment Center School looking to transform itself into a traditional school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. This was a pivotal moment for my professional development as it provided entry into a new methodology of instruction, therapeutic education and required my developing the skills necessary to not only lead, but to act as a change agent for an organization all while helping students to make good decisions and obtain an education that would provide for future success.  My journey has now brought me to Blueprint High School; I look forward to putting my experience into action, and making a difference for all involved, and at the same time learning what students and the organization can teach me as we all face the challenges of the future.

Personal Life:
I believe that work life must be balanced with people and activities that refresh your energy and add joy to your life. To do this I look to my wife, children, friends, some hobbies, and opportunities to travel. After the trip west, I am looking forward to exploring the sights in Arizona with my family. I have interest in following baseball, football and soccer, and have done some coaching over the years in both baseball and soccer. I am an avid reader; enjoy movies, and a wide variety of board and electronic games.

Quote You Live By:
William Pollard said, “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” I believe that every success should be enjoyed, but always with an eye on the next advancement needed to meet what is on the horizon. 

What Draws You To Blueprint:
I have three answers to this question; the first is Blueprint’s philosophy/mission statement, “Inspiring students to make better choices and be a champion of their own learning.” I believe it sums up exactly what I have been doing and what I want to continue to be doing. Second, the future of education may be a puzzle, but I believe that like the name implies, Blueprint Education has a plan and all the pieces to successfully complete the picture. Lastly, I find a great deal of personal and professional meaning with both the name and logo of the school; like the old saying about a picture and a 1000 words, it captures for me everything I just wrote about, regarding my past, present, and future and if they can do that, well perhaps Blueprint is the ideal place for me to share my experience, skills and educational goals.