Reading/Literature Teacher

Location: Blueprint High School

Professional Background:

I have ten years of experience in Summer Camps and Educational Camping, working in nearly every position from camp counselor to manager. I entered the more formal setting of a classroom four years ago, after completing a Master’s Degree in Education. I spent a year as an instructional aide at Fountain Hills High School before taking over a sixth-grade classroom in the Creighton School District. After another year, teaching fifth grade, I determined that I was better suited to teach in a high school. I have recently completed the necessary steps toward certification for Secondary Education. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English and I have published two collections of poetry. I am unmarried and have no children, which leaves me time and energy to devote to my students

.Quote You Live By:

“If you believe you can or can’t do a thing, you are correct.” – Henry Ford

What draws you to Blueprint Education?

I love the opportunity to work in a small school and devote my time to forming strong teacher-student relationships. Blueprint offers me the chance to reach students that might otherwise be forgotten.